Skylab rc1

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Okay so on paper, this map is really cool. A gigantic space observatory with a ton of cool space-themed objects, all in that old pre-asteroid era even! Skylab in general is a very impressive map!... visually. Gameplay-wise, I think the map falls short in a few key ways; For one, it has a LOT of 2fort-like combat with a ton of corridors and tight spaces which, while playing the map I personally had a lot of fun in as most classes, I can pretty easily see being a huge detractor. Another thing is that sometimes the geometry just like, works against you in a way? Like sometimes I'll need to run up a staircase and I just *won't*. idk what's up with that. I do think this is a fun map, it's just not really up-to-snuff if you get what I mean.