KotH Shrinkray! A4

Simple king-of-the-hill centered around a giant shrink ray.

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    Shrinkray! - Simple king-of-the-hill centered around a giant shrink ray.

    "Sir! We have successfully built a working shrinkray! Problem is, it's HUGE."
    "Damn. I don't suppose you eggheads know how to shrink a shrink ray?"

    Welcome to koth_shrinkray!
    Well the alpha anyway. A simple king of the hill centered around a giant shrinkray, as if the tagline wasn't descriptive enough. Fits 24 players, nice and cozy, and before you ask yes the shrinkray will minify whatever unfortunate soul happens to be under it when the round ends.
    This is my first map, so please forgive me if things are done a little... amateurishly. I'm still learning the ropes.

    https://imgur.com/a/6xrBF Here's an album in case the images break for some reason.

    This is my first actual map. everything else I've made before this wasn't worth the garbage it was made out to be, and was kinda me testing out hammer in general. This is my attempt at an idea I've had for a long time; a facility all built around operating this one machine, a giant shrink ray, something that is so outlandish it feels like it shouldn't exist and constantly looks like its about to fall apart. Cutting edge technology doesn't always start off slick and smooth.
    I had a few other iterations that I tested with some friends just to get a feel for what layouts work best, and while this is technically not alpha one, it's the first version I felt alright with releasing without the embarrassingly long sight-lines and camp spots other layout iterations had before it.
    So here we are the official release of the Koth_shrinkray project. I encourage people to test it out for themselves, and if you do please be so kind to send me the demo. The only people that have played this map are... casual... players, so I haven't exactly seen it being put to the experienced player test yet. I'll probably have it hosted by TF2Maps anyway, but I can use all the feedback I can get.
    It's so hard to come by these days.
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    Feedback time

    no info_observer points for spectator cams

    weird shadows. The origin of the prop on the left may be in an odd place. Use a info_light to change it's lighting origin

    These concrete pipes are not only ugly but really annoying to try and walk around or over

    weird reflections on the solar panels

    the barb wire texture can be seen through both sides of a brush. You only have to put it on one side with every other side being nodraw, otherwise it'll double up and look off

    Overall the map is small. The basic KOTH Viaduct formula is Spawn room, Courtyard, Building, Courtyard, Building, Courtyard, point. This map has Spawn Room, building, courtyard, point. Because of this there isn't a lot of space to move around in for faster classes like Scout and not many decisions for players to make on their way to the point. You don't have to follow the Viaduct formula though so it really depends on how the map plays in testing.

    These computer props in an outdoor area look weird. The whole map overall feels like it's supposed to be indoors from it's architecture but instead it has a sky

    The slope of these windows lets me slowly slide up them by walking into them. Clip them flat

    This building seems kinda pointless since it doesn't really lead anywhere nor offer much to a team and the only way to access it is from the spawn areas

    lips like this need ramp clips for smooth transitioning between lower and upper levels. Right now it's hit or miss as to which part of the displacement is high enough to let me walk onto the higher brush

    Messed up no_entry texture here. I've seen this happen on with a few maps and don't really know how to fix it :/

    Getting shrunk at the end of the match is a neat idea but seems somewhat superficial. With the shrinkray being such a main landmark for the map, it feels like it would be used more often like the UFO's on Probed's KOTH point. Then again, that would be gimmicky and possibly not want you want to do with the map. Still a neat idea though.

    That's all I got for now. Get the map in a imp when you can for some more feedback and indepth testing.
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    Thanks @MegapiemanPHD! Really appreciate the input!
    A lot of the cosmetic stuff comes later. All I'm focused on right now is how it plays. If it works and it's fun then I'll go to aesthetics.
    The map being small has been a concern of mine. I've played it with a 24 player server a couple of times, and have yet to have a complaint about it. It will probably take a LOT more testing. It's better than the previous iterations, at least.
    Thanks so much for the feedback!
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    Next version, please do not forget to include a version number such as _a2 after the koth_shrinkray, so that it will properly update here and on the servers when uploaded.
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    "Any update on the shrink ray?"
    "Yes, sir! We put the health and ammo kits on a slightly raised platform!"
    "At last, actual progress."

    Koth_shrinkray is going to be the death of your dear old friend TwinMill, who only just realized his brushwork is hot garbage. Here's an update, and a major one at that:

    > Adopted "a4" version string
    > Lowered overall height of center slope
    > Removed computers from platform near point, replaced with bridges
    > Added small health kits under bridges
    > Increased distance between spawn building and testing area
    > Modified catwalks to match
    > Added buildings on either side, complete with new flank routes
    > Did indeed put center health and ammo on a raised platform
    > Removed annoying as all hell pipes
    > Improved clipping
    > Added info_observer_point spots
    > Removed right-side pipe covers
    > Removed concrete blocks
    > Added small ammo packs near point
    > Improved sightlines
    > Added dump trucks on both sides
    > Updated barbed wire textures
    > Widened right flank
    > Modified spawn times
    > Improved optimization
    > Replaced batteries in smoke detectors

    Okay so some explanations on the changes:
    One of the biggest problems that seemed to arise was whoever caps the point first had it forever, and that just plain sucks. Most people mentioned pushing up that hill to the point was a nightmare, so I lowered the height. Since the only ways on the point were from either side, it was pretty easy for the opposing team to shut down people trying to get on it. I added some bridges to the point so maybe it wouldn't be so difficult. Another change was increasing the distance between the spawn building and the testing area, which is where the medium health kit is. It got pretty claustrophobic and choke-y there, especially with pyros, so I made it be a bit more open. Everything else is just kinda experimentation. still new to mapping so fingers crossed.

    Also, the version string might be the second alpha here, but it's easily beyond fourth in its development. I've trashed so many versions of this map I've lost count at what alpha it's up to know. But, whatever, 4 sounded like a good number so I went with that. I at least know for a fact it's the most updated version.

    ZZZAP! Let's get some screenshots! https://imgur.com/a/qnnPB

    Read the rest of this update entry...