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    I am HardWearJunkie and I'm a TF2 Addict. (Room Chorus: "Hi HardWearJunkie.")

    I've registered (read: Sold My Soul) to because I have questions that need to be answered. There is a part of me that is burning with inquiry. Wait, that came out wrong...

    I've seen a few maps in the queue that look very intriguing, especially one with two cross-planks and an elevator. (Barrels go boom?) They have inspired me to make map designs of my own and, when I'm finished with my preliminary designs, hope to have them robustly tested (read: Thoroughly Broken) by members of the community.

    I look forward to everyone's input, gripes, and adoration for me.

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    Welcome the community!

    You happen to have questions? We just happen to have answers.
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