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    I am making an arena map where aeroplanes drop bombs if people take too long to kill each other. At the moment I have no aeroplanes to drop them from.

    If there is already a good biplane model I could use that. I've already tried the laynedecker plane but can't get it to appear. I'm also aware of the planes from ctf_aerospace but I don't know if I'm allowed to use them because Arhurt hasn't released them officially.

    So what I am requesting is a biplane like the one out of north by northwest. Single or double wing, the engine hidden, covered cockpit, whatever is easiest. I suppose either gray or orange for the colour?

    I know I don't have any maps to show for myself and arena is considered a lost cause but if you make this model I'll be eternally grateful, naturally credit you and include an Easter egg of your choice somewhere in the map.


    For anyone who even looks at this, thank you.
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