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    Hi there.

    I dont even know if I got this in the right section so if its not, please forgive me and if there is an admin reading this, please put it in the right place or tell me where the right place is and i will remake it there.

    I am looking for some maps, but a specific kind. Maps that are closely based on or remakes of maps for Quake Team Fortress or Quakeworld Team Fortress.
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    I think some of @Vilepickle 's maps take inspiration from QWTF maps, or at least TFC maps.
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    Look for Convoy, Mach4 and Chaos. The latter 2 were made by Vilepickle. Convoy was someone else.

    Though I think all 3 of those maps are not Quake based, but UT based
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    2mach4 is from quake. I have played it at least 1000 times of the years. Mach4 looks awesome and I cant wait to share it with my friends. I have found a few other quake maps that have been made into TF 2 maps. Thank you 2 for replying to me. If you all run across any more then send them my way.
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    I'm late to the party for sure, but here are all of my maps https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=528064407
    I worked on the port of Quake 3 Fortress to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2005 so I was the curator/porter of all of the Quake 3 Fortress .map source files which got modified into TF2 versions by myself. Fun fact: the Q3F dev team turned into Splash Damage. Q3F was a very fun version of TF, way way faster than TF2 which is why some of the maps here might be stretches. When that dev team made Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, also run on the Q3 engine, they allowed Q3F to be ported to ETF.

    The ones I ported to TF2 were relatively "good fits", or OK ones... AT THE TIME. I haven't played TF2 in years so who knows how they hold up... near as I can tell people don't run old custom maps much. Lots of heavy modifications through and through, the old TF games were much faster and in a lot of ways much better (a point of contention of course ;)

    - QWTF original / Q3F
    Impact - QWTF original / Q3F (Q3F .map file base)... I believe the only decompile.
    Stag - Q3F original (ETF .map file base)
    Mach - QWTF orgiinal / Q3F (ETF .map file base)
    Chaos - Q3F original (ETF .map file base)
    Canalzone - QWTF original (NOT TFC, TFC is garbage) / Q3F (ETF .map file base)

    Things that I actually did original:
    Castle (A/D)
    Mach Arena is sorta original (Arena)
    Vesper (Payload)
    Mercy (CTF)
    Follower (5CP) - Probably most popular, saw a lot of competitive play early on
    Indulge (5CP)
    Canalzone2 (quite different from the original port now actually). Last thing I worked on back in... 2012 now.
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    I'd also like to mention that 2fort is from somewhere these games, but I guess you know about it?
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    canalzon.bsp (Canal Zone) for qwtf is my favorite map of all time
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    There was a Casbah remake somewhere on gamebanana. Instead of a desert town it was a oil refinery of sorts.

    EDIT: This one http://gamebanana.com/maps/92490