CP Pyroclast a2


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    Pyroclast - 3cp

    cp_pyroclast - A 3cp map centered around a rocket silo inside a fake volcano. Typical cartoon evil villain corporation stuff.

    Intended as an entry in the Rule of Thirds contest but I'm not sure if it will be done in time. Oh well.

    This is my first map, please let me know if anything is packed incorrectly. There are some custom vmts and models (based off of stock assets).
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    Feedback from a1 (my first map):
    - Map overall is overscaled. Mostly around mid area. Alternate route around mid is a bit useless, people felt that they need to pass through mid in order to get to another point.
    - People said that the boathouse was pointless since it was too far, but engineers did end up using it regardless.
    - Mid needs to be changed to be much smaller, but people did enjoy the design. (Yay!)
    - Alternate entry point by shipping crates is empty. Also allows you to completely bypass mid. People were very confused when they ended up in the enemy's final point.
    - Map being very open makes it difficult to play as a medic.
    - The false door to mid is confusing as players think that they'll open. Perhaps switch with a non-functional door model?
    - The arch above the side entrance to mid apparently shouldn't be able to be mounted.

    - If you fall fast enough you can go straight through the func_croc. Oops! One crafty player place a teleport exit underneath it. Funny!
    - The rowboats were not properly clipped.
    - The I-Beams below mid point present no way to return, but players can still get stuck there.

    A2 changes:
    - Completely restarted with a new map file. Only some detail was maintained. Map was drastically scaled down. Let me know if this is better now.
    - Drop-down from mid to last was removed.New route added in its place.
    - Extraneous area to the side of mid removed. You now have to pass through mid.
    - Removed A and B signs, sticking to team colored arrow signs.
    - Added a lot more areas for cover and hiding for medic and spy players.
    - I had some fun with getting used to detailing and arranging displacements. I haven't painted any height changes, just got used to making quilts so to speak. I will save painting the displacement heights for later versions if this layout keeps.


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