Prison Break

CP Prison Break a4a

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A Piece of Shit.

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Jan 30, 2018
Prison Break - Try to escape while the other team tries to stop you!

Prison break
A nice small map in her early stage.

She has three points to capture:
  • The Control room that sets the other half of the prisoners free!
  • The messy Canteen that serves terrible food!
  • The Yard where the prisoners have been digging a way out!
Meanwhile the Guards need to prevent the prisoners from taking over the prison and escape.

The prisoners have a general disadvantage because they have no resupply locker. However, they have a big load of health and ammo packs that they can use.

A Piece of Shit.

L1: Registered
Jan 30, 2018
Prison break a2
Yep it's here.
Last play test I saw some huge flaws, added some big changes the map, and here is alpha 2.

  • Reworked entire spawn system.
  • Reworked point A
  • Added a library
  • Changed point B because attackers and defenders changed directions.
  • Added more lighting.
  • Cannot go into the beloved hole at point C.
  • Changed OP sentry spots.

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