Please help me with last on my PL map!

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    To make a long story short I'm almost done with creating the layout of my new map but i can't find a way to build last that I'm happy with or something that I think would make a good game space. so please help me and suggest something! I'm open to any ideas (screenshots included if you need more just ask I'm happy to provide them!)

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    Attaching a VMF would probably be better
    A: What theme are you going for?
    B: Are you doing a general progression throughout the map?
    C: Are you happy with playing around with the map's layout to achieve this last point?

    I spent a whole day brainstorming for my last 5CP point, and eventually came up with it after trying a myriad of ideas
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    I suggest you take a look at other payload maps and analyze what makes the last points fun. Look at the chokes, the flank routes, where highground is, etc. You will probably find some interesting concept that you can use to design your last point.
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    Some aspects to keep in mind when designing a last point for payload:
    1. Finality - Does it feel final? Do all the routes in the map lead you this way? Obviously in alpha you won't need to worry about visuals, but is there a possibility for last to be visually striking? Do you want your final point to be more closed and fortified like Upward or Barnblitz, or more open like Badwater?
    2. Routes - Badwater has 1 main route and 2 or 3 smaller routes. Barnblitz has 1 main route and 2 smaller ones. Borneo has 1 main and 1/2 smaller. Upward has 1 main and 2/3 smaller. In general, whatever path the cart goes down will be your main path, but don't forget to allow flanking classes like spy and pyro a way into the final.
    3. Defense - Where in final would be a good sentry spot? Is it too overpowered? (remember, defending engineers have nearly unlimited metal near the respawn room) How close is final from red's respawn? Can red be spawncamped?
    4. The Payload Factor - Remeber, payload is different from A/D in the fact that the focus moves gradually. Think about how the gameplay changes as the cart moves. Think about how defense will react to the cart being just after C versus just before D, and every point in between. The gameplay will always focus on the cart, so all the areas near the cart path need to be especially interesting.
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