Player Luanchers and Catapults

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    I'm sure there are many ways to make these.
    I've been suggested to use trigger push and func_conveyor with a func_door_rotating (if you want it to look like a catapult)
    I was also directed to a prefab on FPSBanana that was a conveyor type launcher.
    Here I'd like to discuss what do you think the best way to make a player launcher would be? Using push or conveyor? Or is there something else that could make it work?
    I would think a simple design would work best, and I am frustrated there is no "Force Open" for rotating doors. Why have force close without the other? I've also thought of possibly parenting something to a func_door_rotating to make it push you.
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    I remember working on transportation tubes (like you would see in futurama), and those used a push. If it were just a luancher, or cannon or something, I can see why you'd use a conveyor, but I think that if you wanted to make a catapult, where the actual movement wouldn't be till the end, you should use a push (also, think about physical brushes required for a conveyor).
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    I have launcher tubes in my mod of the mario_kart maps. Mario_Kart_CP_A11f. Basically all I did was take the 'Vault" door and lay it on its side so you can jump through. Attached a cylinder brush through it and then set the angle I want to fire the players out at 45' etc make it all a nice func_detail. From there I made a trigger_push with a setting of 15000 (yes 15000). Now when a player jumps up into the tube located on the ceiling it sucks them up and fires them out literally across the map and high through the air fast enough that is you bullet time effects enabled on your game you will see them.

    I then made 2 more and pointed that at either end of the map so the players can launch across the map to either corner or kitty corner over to the other teams spawn. Has worked very well and is LOTS of fun since with some pratice you can land anywhere on the map. The only downside is nag messages in your dev console about the player going to fast and clamping. But it has not affected play so I am ignoring it for now. A nice side effect was that any 'func_phys' (sp) prop that you put in it can also be fired. They do not go far and I am trying to get that working better but it allows my guys to mount a SG on a cube brush and then push it into the tube and fire out.

    I can send you a VMF if your interested or you can check it out at

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