pl_crossover (OPEN)

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pl_crossover was my first map i made for the payload gamemode. through it's lifetime it had many problems like sightlines and chokepoints. it also switched theme 3 times during it's develpment, from farm to desert and finally to snow which it is now. but lately i have given up on the map and i didn't feel like working on it (mainly because i enjoy making halloween maps more)

The map is in beta (b4) but it still has tons of problems. sightlines etc.
it's Open so anyone can take it and work on it
Please give credit for making the basic layout and theme/backstory for the map

The original idea for the map was that red was searching for a yeti in the snowymountains with radars and stuff. but blu doesn't like that so they try to blow up their base

So as you can see in the screenshot pl_crossover has an snowy/alpine theme with a little of the mining theme mixed in



  • pl_crossover_b4.vmf
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