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    wise fwom your gwave

    After a very long and confusing IRL ordeal, I'm finally back in the saddle again. And I come bearing news of Pipeball Ultra's revival.

    Of course, I also have a brand new screenie. Ever wonder what happens when the score is tied when the main timer runs down? No, it's not just our favorite explode-you-on-contact black ball. This time around, its something a little more... arena-y.

    "ya dun goofed!?"

    One thing people have requested of me since I first started these dumb things is to have an arena mode Pipeball. Well, here you have it. On Sudden Death, everyone respawns here, and our round black friend drops into a spartan enclosed arena. So that's a 4-rinked Pipeball map I'm making here. Well, three rinked, I guess, if you add the two half-rinks together. tldr its fuggen hueg.

    THIS time, I'm going to have it done by April Foolsday. Assuming that's still a thing.
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