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KotH Peaks b6a

king of the hill with a bridge and huts and stuff

  1. Languid

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    Peaks - king of the hill with a bridge and huts and stuff

    Hey there, this is a map back from the dead! Last in development yeaaaarssss ago.

    The idea is meant to be a fairly straightforward koth map that isn't too turtle-y, allows varied movement and approaches to the point. Hopefully should allow for most classes to shine, the point to swap over regularly, all the good stuff.

    Version is b6a, its been iterated fairly far from what it started and has been given a pretty comprehensive art pass. I'd be willing to mix up things for gameplay reasons in the approaches to the control point, as that's where I remember most problems being. Comments and feedback appreciated, and I hope to get a test to start us off some point soon!
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