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    Hey, I'm just starting out learning the basics of the Hammer via various tutorials, but this problem has me stuck and I can't figure it out. I'm new to this stuff, but I catch on pretty quick. Anyone know the explanation to the problem seen in the attached picture? It seems that it's not registering any capture points after the first one...

    Also, if you need to see the map to figure it out, tell me and I can PM you a link to download it.

    edit: also, for a reason unknown to me, it wont let scouts move the cart.
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    Have a look at the gametype library in my sig for a fully working streamlined payload setup you can learn from.

    For the points not showing, I'd guess you don't have the train_watcher looking at the right points and/or paths.
    For the scout issue, they count as two people, so your system is probably only catching single-person pushing.
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    The Scout thing I'm not sure about. As for why the other caps don't register, it's hard to know without seeing your entity setup. Post your I/O system for both the payload and the cps.
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    points not Showing

    I have a slight suspicion you might do what I did the other day when making a payload map, and not put a different index number on each control_point entinty.

    Your first control point index should be 0, your second 1, and so on.

    Also you need to make sure you have your Watcher set correctly

    Also make sure on your Team_Control_point_Round entinty you have written "CP_A_1 CP A_2" (or whatever your cap points are called) without the "" in the "capture points this round"option.

    good Luck :)