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    Ok, I am making progress slowly. I have started with the the pl data from Boojumsnark's library and then have modified it.

    I believe it's better to use the template from the library and then use my own codes (names of pathtracks, payloads, etc) that way I actually LEARN instead of just being a copy-cat and the experience has ben interesting so far.

    So at first, I got cart working and no visibal trainwatcher and the game ended at first point.

    Then I got the cart and watcher working together by reducing the amount of cap points to 8 (max) I had 13 over 4 stages - now I just have 8.

    Then after I got it working - the game crashed - actually locked up my pc forcing a restart when the cart got to the end ot the first stage.

    Have double checked the coding and found an error and the first stage works correctly - no more crashes ;)

    Now this is the way my map works.

    Round 1

    End cap at track 10 - do the coding for end of round - car then rolls by itsself down the track to point 11 (about five feet further down the track from where the round ended).

    At point 11 I have onpass = stop.

    Round 2

    OnRoundStart = resume cart. cart is coded to be pushed - it no longer does auto movement thing < or at least I think it is.

    What haapens at round 2 is the clock goes 5,4, victory.

    Does anyone know what's going on? Where do I start to look for the error?

    Have I ended round one correctly?

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    Hi - just so you don't think I'm doing another useless post - I actually found the answer to my problem and want to post the solution to help others out.

    1. Open MS word if you have it and hammer.
    2. Do the alt+enter thing on your entities to bring up the properties window of the entity that you clicked on.
    3. With that properties window selected, press alt+print screen to capture that image.
    4. Go to word - and press ctrl+V or edit>paste - you should have the properties window on the doc.
    5. Continue doing this with your game entities until you think you have all the entities that are causing the error.
    6. Go back to word - set up the view so you can see two pages side by side.

    You can now compare your property windows side by side and check the coding of each to make sure that everything is ok and can easily identify which specific entity needs to be fixed if you see an error.

    When I did it this way, I noticed a typo in one of mine - fixed the typo and it fixed the error.