DM Overtopolis A5

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Mar 17, 2016
Overtopolis - An over-the-top metropolis full of jump pads and chaos.

Welcome to the grand city of Overtopolis! A sprawling team deathmatch map that will send you plummeting to you death laughing a thousand times!

Our city includes:
-LOTS of jump pads!
-Moving platforms!
-A surf ramp!
-Another, REALLY powerful jump pad!
-Fall damage!

To score points on Overtopolis, kill players or capture a control point.

Known Issues:
-Bots don't work.

-There are some particularly nasty sightlines, most notably a few on the orange building. Testing will prove if these are too awful.

-The surf ramp does not really lead anywhere at the moment.

-There are a bunch of placeholder player clips to prevent people from getting to the tops of buildings. A more elegant solution will be added in the future.

The map uses the Team Deathmatch template by Construction Zombie. https://tf2maps.net/downloads/authors/construction-zombie.21919/

Please leave suggestions, I'd like to make something this unconventional as this as fun to play as I can.


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Mar 17, 2016
-Repositioned and redesigned spawn rooms
-Players can now only capture the opposing team's control point.
-Redesigned the Orange Building.
-Added another floor to the CP room.
-Removed the surf ramp, replaced it with another building.
-Added more moving platforms to connect more areas of the map, and increased their movement speed.
-The launcher is more consistent.
-Removed the roof from the CP Room overlook.
-Raised the height of the center pyramid.
-The two "life saving" jump pads work properly.
-Added a curved wall to the bottom floor of the CP Room.
-Raised the height of the buildings for proper visual confirmation of where one cannot go.

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