KotH Orrery A2


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May 21, 2019
Orrery - Mirrored indoors King of the Hill map based on LSD: Dream Emulator.

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Clockwork Machines from the PSX game LSD: Dream Emulator recreated as a King of the Hill map in TF2!

Capture the cosmic calendar!

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Avoid the planets as they orbit!

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Slide down the slide!

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One-way metal bars!

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Overhead view:

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LSD: Dream Emulator - Asmik Ace Entertainment
Kyzer's DevTex Pack - Kyzer
HOI Dev Textures - HOI


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May 21, 2019
Changes include:
  • Healthkits and ammopacks have been altered:
  • The medium ammopack in the sniper perch is now a small ammopack.
  • The small ammopack under the bridge is now a medium ammopack.
  • The medium healthkit in the middle of the second courtyard is now a small ammopack.
  • The small ammopack on the orange platform is now a medium healthkit.
  • The small healthkit under the sniper perch has been moved into the hallway behind it and is now a medium healthkit.
  • Added a small healthkit in the tunnel between the point and the large healthkit room.
  • Added is now a medium ammopack at the top of the stairs in the large healthkit room.
  • The medium ammopack in the flank route is now a small healthkit.
  • Added a medium ammopack just outside both of the new doors in the flank route.

  • The calendar now rotates in a wider radius and will not kill you while you're on the point.
  • Lights on Red and Blu sides are now team colored, as well as general lighting improvements.
  • One-way windows in spawn are now more obvious from the outside.
  • Capture timer is now 4:05, unlock time is now 25 seconds, and respawn wave timers have been increased by one third from their defaults.
  • Removed the annoying holes in the bridge.
  • Added numbers on the calendar's pedestal that count the calendar's victims until the end of the round.
  • The flank route now has a window in the middle dividing wall.
  • The flank route now has a one-way door system that allows travel from the defending team's side to the attacking team's side. The doors are locked on all sides before the point is captured.
  • The calendar now blocks all projectiles and bullets while rotating.
  • The hallway to the slide room is now connected to the room leading to the sniper perch, rather than directly to the sniper perch. There is now a window where the old path was.
  • The hallway leading to the area under the sniper perch is now slightly more open.
  • The bridge with the ammopack under it now has handrails.
  • You can now directly exit both left and right through the middle path between the first and second courtyards.
  • Added a clip brush under the orange ramp in the middle of second courtyard.
  • All team-colored ceilings and floors are now gray.
  • Removed the fog over the control point and replaced the downer tile texture with the same one the rest of the area uses.

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