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NPC Spawning

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Gamemaster1379, May 18, 2011.

  1. Gamemaster1379

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    Hello all, I've been toying around with porting files from other Source games into TF2 for a bit now and have come up with some interesting results upon attempting this.

    (Portal maps in TF2)
    (HL2 maps in TF2)

    [The above videos are not meant to be blatant advertising or "view farming" for an achievement (both were uploaded outside of TF2's in-game uploader).

    Now then, as you can see, several entities appear to load as well as most of the map and its static props. ("use" entities will even respond to +use if tf_allow_player_use is set to 1). However, one major setback that is preventing these from being as adventurous as I'd like them to be is the setback of NPCs not spawning. I've ported most all of the materials, models, and scripts necessary to make them function--but they still don't seem to spawn. I find it doubtful I'm actually missing any materials, so I assume it to be the spawners within the maps themselves.

    Now, bear with me as I'm far from savvy as most mapmakers are (I toyed with it for about 50 hours, making simple map edits--changing arena_watchtower to koth_watchtower, simplistic mods as this).

    In any case, I have decompiled a HL2 map (d2_coast_04.bsp) from Half-Life 2, and have been looking at it in Hammer in TF2 mode from Source 2009 and looked at the NPC spawners--to see this as one of the NPC spawners.

    (There are now outputs, inputs, and only one flag with ???? as the name)

    Now, since I'm sure this isn't anything TF2 would recognize, it simply shows it with a small "OBSOLETE" icon with the thumbs-up guy (Never knew who that was anyway!). I'm wondering if there would be any such equivalent class or other means to make this NPC spawn in TF2 in order to accomplish this, or am I wasting my time with NPCs?

    Thanks much, I appreciate it.
  2. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    Wasting your time. HL2 NPCs are not in the TF2 code. Has nothing to do with Hammer or the SDK.
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  3. gamemaster1996

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    It really doesn't.

    Also i'm confused is this some sort of spoof of me?!
  4. ardysqrrl

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    if you could have proper NPC spawning in tf2 I would have made like 80 co-op maps by now
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