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    Gravelpit with a Steel twist:
    Welcome to Observatory! I was inspired by Steel, but noticed some negativity towards it over it's complexity. I also love Gravel Pit, but wanted to make a map where there was more incentive to defend both A and B.
    My goal in Observatory is to have a map with deeper strategic value within a rather simple layout. BLU gets to choose what kind of advantage they want when assaulting C, and RED must shift their forces to counter BLU's assaults. Just remember, a team that only defends C is bound for failure!
    I hope you enjoy this map!


    - RED team wins by defending C.
    - BLU team wins by capturing C before the time runs out.


    Other Notes:
    - Capturing A opens additional paths, allowing BLU team to directly access to C.
    - Capturing B destroys a bridge, restricting RED team's access to C and allowing attackers to flank the Control Room.
    - C cannot be captured until either A or B is captured.
    - RED team cannot regain control of a point once BLU has captured it.





    This will be my final BETA Release. Changes are somewhat more visual and performance-oriented. Please provide feedback as I will be preparing the final release!

    Beta 6 Released on October 29, 2008
    -Expanded BLU's spawn area
    -Added more cover for defenders
    -Added upper platform for attackers on C
    -Increased capture times for A and B
    -Added new text that announcements to map layout changes
    -Added no entry visuals to mark doors triggered by captures
    -Vast visual and preformance improvements
    -Preparations for final release

    Beta 5 Released on October 12, 2008
    -BLU Spawn is now less campable
    -BLU Engineers can now build teleporter entrances in general peace
    -Re-added respawn times from beta 3
    -Added more viable sniper nests
    -Removed a route to A for attackers; modified layout of warehouse
    -Lowered fences on B
    -Enlarged upper catwalk on B
    -Closed lower entrances to C for attackers; reopened upper corridors
    -Shuffled pickups
    -More polish

    Beta 4 Released on October 6th, 2008
    -BLU can now return to the upper spawn room without respawning
    -Both teams can now access enemy spawns during humiliation
    -Reduced number of BLU's access points to C
    -Added new routes to the Control Room, accessable by capturing B
    -Added more cover on C for both teams
    -Lowered the Control Room
    -Reduced spawn time for BLU; removed adjustments capturing points made
    -Added more access points to B
    -Reduced capture times
    -Shifted locations of items; added more
    -More polish

    Beta 3 Released on October 1st, 2008
    -Fixed players getting stuck in spawn doors
    -Fixed "one way door"
    -Changed respawn times
    -Replaced staircase to Control Room with one large ramp
    -Added more routes to C for attackers
    -Capturing A now opens additional routes to C
    -Capturing B now opens main entrance door
    -Added an extra route to C for defenders
    -Raised walls and added extra cover for B
    -Locked Point C until either A or B is captured
    -Shuffled item placement; added more
    -More polish

    Beta 2 Released on September 27th, 2008
    -Removed vent system
    -Increased cap times for all points
    -Made C harder to defend
    -Fixed players getting stuck in doorways
    -Fixed rocket launch not resetting at round end
    -More optimization
    -Added more healthpacks
    -Fixed respawn times being too long
    -Increased brightness in some areas
    -Visual details to suggest deathpits
    -Capturing B now prevents RED from directly accessing C

    Beta 1a Released on September 26th, 2008
    -Fixed menu photos not showing
    -Fixed misplaced ambient sound

    Beta 1 Released on September 25th, 2008
    -First public release

    Special thanks to all members of the dejavu clan
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