New Servers + New Friends = Custom Goodness

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Armadillo of Doom, Feb 11, 2009.

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    After our server crapped out in the middle of gameday, drpepper and I agreed it simply wasn't worth the trouble. That said, I'm happy to announce our partnership w/ some new friends, who are just excited about custom TF2 as we are :) In no particular order, our very own MrAlBobo has allowed us to use his server for testing. The fellas from clan [Z] and -E}{G- have each loaned us a server and given free rein :D As if that weren't enough, the admin from CalculatedChaos told me that his community is always interested in testing out new maps. They have a pretty neat ingame rating system as well. So please give a huge shout-out to these communities for helping the ever-expanding world of custom TF2.
    MrAlBobo :love:
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  2. cornontheCoD

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    Are we going to be having gamedays on any of these servers?

    edit: nvm, saw the gameday threads
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    yep...the smiley by my name is kinda disturbing though...

    and as always...I have virtually no problem giving people free rein to my away

    and someone give me an admin list so i can get that set up, or pepper or immortal could merge my current admin list with the old one
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  4. captainAngry

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    Thanks for the shout out. I run calculatedChaos. I just updated my map rating display page this afternoon:

    We run weekly play tests on Monday and Tuesday for new maps. If you would like your map added there is a place to post it on our forum. Otherwise you can find me on steam and request it there.

    I look forward to seeing more people from this community on my server.

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  5. TMP

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    Wee! This is just plain awesome. The TF2 custom mapping community might be entering it's golden era right now!

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    yay for [Z] clan!

    /ends humble self advertising :D
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    I've been a bit absent for a while. However, the Map Lab is still there as a UK resource.
    connect to The Map Lab | |

    We have the Payload competition maps running at the mo - in rotation. I too am happy to give server ftp access and full admin to KEEN mappers. I do visit here regularly, but best way to contact me and get the message through on that day is via (where Colts Playground has moved to, now known as the Playstuff community.

    We do try and keep on top of all the latest maps in development and support them by running them on the server - but it's an underused resource and yet is a low ping, uber fast quad stacked with ram, on the UK backbone - so lets make the most of it :)
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  8. Ida

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    After ID requested a EU TF2maps server in the gameday topics, I offered to host one myself. We agreed that this will be the official EU TF2maps server:

    That said, it's not really fully functional. I don't even have SourceMod installed yet (I've found using rcon is ok at the moment), and the map download may be a bit screwed. I'm working on it, though.
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    E}{G server owner.

    I'm currently having troubles, with all my nix servers, due to a common bug right now. I'm working on this and will post back as soon as possible. If anyone needs fast download, contact me, Ive got 15GB of space available
    The other thing I will have on my server is psycho stats. This will provide heatmaps, and map statistics, i.e. blu to red win/loss ratio. It may be helpful enough. If anyone else wants this stat system contact me, and i will help you set it up. Some examples, granted i dont have heatmaps set up on my servers.

    An example of the heatmap system


    Lastly i will have sourcebans set up. The purpose of this is not so much ban management. More so it makes admin management a dream. If anyone wants to use this for admining there servers.

    So if you want either private psycho stats, or sourcebans. Or unified psycho stats, or sourcebans. Contact me.
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  10. Icarus

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    Psychostats would be awesome.
    Being able to quantify the distribution of wins and deaths is the second most valuable game data right next to actual presence of the mapper.
  11. raz0rskyl1n3

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    Quick update, i got my server running, now if only i knew how :). Anyhow i forgot to mention i can also offer hlstatsx community edition. Unless you have your own domain name, it would be tied to my domain name, i.e. If you do have a domain name i can host the sites stats for you.

    I personally prefer psycho over hlstats because of the better map statistics. If you want heatmaps, ill tell you how to do it, however im quite busy so cant do all the legwork, i.e. the screen shots.
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    If you have any probs with the E}{G servers you can also contact me.
    Here is my steam page to add me.
    We have plenty of people around to work on servers and almost always at least one is on.

    Glad to be a part of