MvM Missions [Kinda?]

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by Nuke, Jul 22, 2016.


After you read the topic, yea or nay?

  1. I'd like to this feature added

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  2. It will ruin main point of this site

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  1. Nuke

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    Kind of a general idea - MvM isnt about maps only. Missions are also part of it (and quite large).

    I know it's not exactly "site theme", but is it possible to make MvM section of maps to be split into missions and maps? As far as i seen, there's already atleast 2 mission submissions which are going up this year. And i'm sure this amount will grow.

    With such ability, a heck ton more people would be able to use this site and not be forced to other sites, which are considered worse by some members of community or provide less feedback.

    As well, there isn't one coordinated place for these, as there for maps (e.g. here). So why not become first?
  2. FortyTwo

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    I don't think that it's worth doing this because there are many reasons:

    - Mission is only for 1 gamemode, MVM, and there are many other gamemodes out there which tf2maps use it.
    - There are over 1100 map downloads and only about 20 of them is mvm maps (so that's only about 2% of them).
    - You don't use the hammer to make missions, so a very few people in tf2maps know how to make and help people find problems, in fact some people here know how to make MVM maps but not missions.
    - You can't really test mission using the tf2maps server events, because you can only have 6 people in MVM, and 24 in other gamemodes.
    - There is a potato MVM group where is a better place to discuss or ask for help, and have a command to host events

    Your idea may sounds nice to add it, but there would be a small amount of people who would use it.