Multiple Alpha's on single displacement?

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    I know how to paint alpha onto a displacement but I want to say I've seen multiple alpha's on a single blended displacement (grass, gravel). Am I wrong or is there a way to do that?

    In particular, these two textures.


    I started out with the blend grass and painted some alpha grass on the displacement and then I changed the texture to blend gravel and painted gravel and the grass was still there, but only until I closed the map and reopened it and then the grass was gone and only the gravel was there. But I swear I think I saw a map with both blends on the same texture, maybe it was cp_boulder.

    Another thing I think is weird is when you paint your alpha, not grass, but the gravel, you think it looks right in Hammer and then when you go into the game it doesn't show up nearly as much as you saw it in the editor. Any reason for that?

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    It's probably just two different displacements with two different materials, you can't have more than one material on a face. and why it doesn't look the same in Hammer is because it doesn't render with the thing that makes the transition line hard but irregular (so it's not an ugly gradient).
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    You're using the wrong engine. :p

    I wish Source would allow multiple blend materials like pretty much every engine post-Unreal2.
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    as snark said, it are 2 diffirent displacements that are perfectly sewn together. Its easy to do as 2 textures often have the same basic texture and only their alpha changes. There is no other way to get that effect which means it can take a bit more time making your displacements.