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would you like a map that dramatically changis halfway through the game???

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Jul 29, 2016
Hey! it's me again! and do i have a question for you.

how do i make a group of stuff that players can hit and walk on and all that, move?
now you might be thinking "can't you just google it???" well i did, and i got nothing.

now i already know that hammer hates it when stuff moves, so how can i make a big chunk of stuff move without it killing my hammer?

p.s. the movement is curvy and not straight up and down, think an object falling off of a counter
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Jul 28, 2015
In order to make brushes move, you'd want to turn them into func_tracktrains, func_doors, or func_brushes parented to those first two. func_tracktrains move along a specific path, told by path_tracks. It's how payload carts and MvM tanks work. func_doors are just like anyother door, they can move one direction a certain amount, and back the opposite way a certain amount.

However, making your whole map (the ground, walls, etc) being a brush entity will not allow people to place stickies on them, and buildings will be screwed up (you either can't build on them, or you can but when the object moves, your building stays still just floating in the air). I also wouldn't be surprised if it causes either crashes or lots of errors in game. So I would suggest no, don't make huge parts of your map change, for those reasons. Now having doors that open up, or having bridges that slide out when a point is captured is totally fine (done in Steel, and pretty much every one of the Dynamic CP Contest entries).

Also please note; having stuff that moves in your map won't "kill your hammer". Having a lot, and I mean a lot, of entities such as props will make Hammer lag quite a bit. Just load up a decompiled Valve map, and you'll see. Nothing that would move in game will actually move in Hammer (unless its a prop animation you set). That is also why doing huge amounts of logic and entities will take quite a bit of time as you have to compile, and check in game to see if what you have made is functioning or not.


Sep 23, 2011
Also, the engine is based on the assumption that the level doesn't drastically change. Systems such as PVS and precomputed lightmaps ignore entities.


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Dec 25, 2015
told by path_tracks. It's how payload carts and MvM tanks work.
Payload cart yes, mvm tanks yes and no, mvm tanks are actually npcs(Nextbot), they just use those path, to approach (they slide to it)(yeah I destroyed your dreams).
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