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    Is there anyway to set up an telelport exit other than using the teamspawn entity? I cant seems to use the trigger tool of the portal area tool. If not is there a eazy way to number multiple entities?
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    so you're trying to setup multiple exits for one teleport entrance?
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    To my knowledge, you don't need a a teamspawn entity for a tele exit destination. An info_target is what I'd use to designate a teleport exit. IIRC, there's also an enitity (point or brush, can't remember offhand) that functions soley as a tele exit destination (but I like to use info_target instead anyway)
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    It sounds like you are trying to use brush-based entities, which you can't use for teleporter exits. The exit cannot be an area, but only a point.

    So instead you need to make an entity by itself of class info_teleport_destination, or like toatd said, info_target.
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    I'm just taking a guess here but the best way would be to have multiple entrances / exits but the key is the entrance.

    Name them all differently but in the same location - control them via a relay - 1 fires gets disabled, 2 is then active etc.
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    There is another way which i used once before in my sg_platforms map for CSS. This is by using landmarks. Landmarks for teleporters are exactly the same as a landmark for the nextmap does in singleplayer. it remembers your position when you hit the trigger and places you on the same place from the landmark. This allows you to quickly have alot of players entering the same teleport and all have the same position as when they ran in.

    The only things you have to do is make a info_landmark in the center of the teleport entrance and give that entity in the landmark value of the teleport trigger. (im not sure if the exit also needs one as the last time i have watched the vmf file was months ago - i can still check it if you need)

    I dont know if this works for TF2 (and if its the thing you ment) but if you want it like that its worth to try.

    Still, this way has 1 downside. landmarks make it impossible for you to rotate the player (at least, i wasnt able to). But if they run in the teleport backward they come out backward also.
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