CP Mall A2

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Sep 9, 2017
Mall - Mall

cp_mall_a1 is a 3cp map its good nice and its my second map

send bugs to me so i fix it

nav mesh is bad because nav_generate dosent work on blocks in second and third floor

Guess were the map first came from :)


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Apr 6, 2018
You can use nav_mark_walkable before typing nav_generate to mark areas of the map that need to be computed.


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Sep 9, 2017
-i added in a new skybox
-new nav mesh
-stairs with no clip has been fixed
-fixed using the wrong textures

Read the rest of this update entry...


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Feb 24, 2018
So I flew and ran around the map for some time and I've got a lot of feedback.

(This is coming from someone who's also making a second map

NOTE: Everything was purple and black checkerboard for me. Have you packed the custom textures to your map?

Way too open
There's barely any cover and if there was cover it was a huge bland block. Since this is a mall you could make some shelves and then place these shelves in interesting places to break up sightlines (to not make snipers op like they currently are) and to give interesting advantages and routes for the players. Maybe have small flank route for scouts and spies. Maybe make some of the shelves fallen down to create a ramp, which then creates interesting highground.

The areas are wayy too big for what they should be. Slower classes will be really boring.
Also consider making the roof area a route to battle rather than a open fighting ground.

The layout is also pretty blocky
Adding some ramps or curved surfaces will definitely help

A bit cramped
While the main areas are huge the doorways and ramps are too small, and not that fun to go trough. Make them bigger and easier to go trough. This will make it a lot more fun to go trough these doors.

Please put the huge buildings in a 3D skybox. Them being inside the skybox is pretty bad for optimisation.

There's little gaps everywhere. These are pretty easy to seal up.

Your eye isn't really guided to the point, but you can still see them because theres no cover in this map. So when you add cover also add some arrows for both teams pointing where they should go.

I think this map has actually cool concepts and ideas.
Also I think the brightful logos look cool.

Hope this feedback will help you improve. You can look up tutorials for some of the things I mentioned or just ask help in the discord.

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