London/UK asset pack?

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Mattie, Aug 14, 2018.

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    I hella appreciate that you're doing this. Not nearly enough urban environments in the asset drawer yet, and judging by the WIP posts you're quite the talented modeler. Given the amount of progress you've made already, I might recommend just posting a pack of what you have so far with the plan to update it down the line, rather than hold out until you have absolutely everything. Just in case you got tied up in other obligations and never came back to it. That happens surprisingly often.
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    Ironically enough I can't model for toffee - all the models made for this project have been created by far more talented modellers than myself. Just materials and project organisation for me!

    Otherwise you raise an interesting point, and we'll be sure to consider whether to stagger the pack's release into multiple major versions; the assets are currently categorised into high, medium and low priorities, so the highs and many mediums would definitely feature in the initial release. There's still some way to go before those high priority assets are done, however, but steady progress continues - such as with this (WIP) street furniture, made by the talented FGD5:
    Thanks for the support!
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