Let's talk about Cactus Canyon

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    'Ello there I wanted to talk to y'all about Cactus Canyon a map that valve forgot. Now I'm no voice in the matter, in fact I'm a insignificant guy who plays tf2 and made one really bad ctf map. But Cactus Canyon is
    my favorite map in the game and probably to many others so why is it left abandoned?

    I know that valve is a stingy company with their work on what you want motto but still Cactus Canyon is a fairly decent payload map that would fit the other fairly decent payload maps. Still the chances that valve would spend time on Cactus Canyon are slim, so if valve doesn't want to finish it why don't we the community? I mean the community makes 99% of the maps these days and we all know what happened when valve made their own map back in jungle inferno. There are some amazing people that could make Cactus Canyon a great looking map.

    Yet I'm still confused why nobody has done this before. It has been 4 years since it was abandoned and I've still not seen anyone trying to finish it plus the map is already close to being complete so why don't we do the un done parts? Idk something I had to take of my chest, This will probably be unnoticed and ignored but I'll at least be happy to know somebody read it through. So thank you
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