koth_railline a1

A koth map on a rain line.

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    koth_railline - A koth map on a rain line.

    Hour 72 - Oh, cool! Tf2.net is doing a 72 hour map jam. I've made quite a few Minecraft custom maps in my day. How hard can this be?
    Hour 68 - Well, this map is horrible. May as well start over. I still have time.
    Hour 62 - Wow, this is a lot harder than I thought.
    Hour 58 - Time for sleep, I'll have time tomorrow.
    Hour 47 - Off to work, I'll have plenty of time to work on it when I get back home.
    Hour 23 - I regret so much.

    koth_railyard is a king of the hill map set in (what is suppossed to resemble) a rail yard. I've never played a king of the hill map with a train in it, so that was basically then entire inspiration.

    This is the first map I've ever finished for TF2. As much as the 72 hour limit sucked, I would have never bothered to finish a map without it. (So, thanks?) This map is absolute garbage, but hopefully I can make better maps in the future from this experience.

    Thanks to:
    takabuschik for the train tutorial
    UEAKCrash for the general tutorials
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    This might be a little nitpicky, but (unless there is no model) I feel like the red side's container should also be red.
    But maybe there aren't any other skins, I have no idea.
    Otherwise (besides maybe the huge buildings(unless that's a bug)) it looks great!