KotH koth_dirtpatch [Deleted]

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Jul 27, 2016
Koth_DirtPatch - Fight over the best patch of dirt in town!

This is my first map so please give me as much criticisms, tips and the such as you see fit, i know i probably did something wrong!

This map uses a bunch of the frontline assests so thanks to the frontline team for the neat pack, it's what got me to start mapping!

So this koth map turned out okay, or at least i feel it did for a first time. I had a couple of issues during it which caused a lot more trouble towards the end and i think the only way to fix these issues is to start from scratch (the map isn't correctly mirrored it's off by 3 or so spaces), so this was as much a learning excersice as it is a map.

So yeah thanks for reading this far i guess and i hope the map isnt too trashapples


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Feb 18, 2015
From what i can see from the first screenshot, the half-round windows on the left builing seem to be floating in front of the building rather than being a part of them. I'd suggest moving them back a bit.

It'll take a few hours before i can take a look ingame, but i probably will.
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