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L6: Sharp Member
Jan 26, 2008
The solution I came up with to alleviate camping around the spawn is another duct system, going from the fourth floor to the third floor. The entrance is right outside each spawn and then players drop down to the center of floor three.



I've also made the layout of the bottom two floors quite a bit slimmer.


I'm planning on changing the third floor a bit so that there are more props to help players jump over the cubicle walls easier. I'm also considering making one more cubicle wall on each side breakable. These changes would let players avoid the narrow center route on that floor and get to the lower floors quicker.

I'm redoing the lighting. It is too bright and needs more contrast. A couple players during the playtest thought that fullbright was on. I had been using light entities with 0:1:0 attenuation (linear). I'm going to try changing those to light_spot and 0:1:1 (half linear, half quadratic).

Colt Seavers

L6: Sharp Member
Dec 30, 2007
Really impressed with this map - in particular the gameplay is awesome - had some really exciting games last night and i've put it straight into the main Playground Teamplay server rotation.

Love the LED's - and generally find it a very refreashing change.Great work :cool: