KotH Kitten Catacombs

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    I'm Ironic Titanium. I made this map :D

    It's my first ever map, and it's definitely not perfect.

    If you find any bugs or glitches that you want fixed, or any feedback on the map, feel free to email me at me@ironictitanium.com or comment on GameBanana, TF2Maps.net, etc

    Criticism is appreciated, as long as it's constructive. In other words, don't be all like "THIS MAP SUCKS BLAH."
    Instead, be all like "I don't like this map because this. You should fix it."

    So, feel free to let me know what you like or don't like about the map, so I know whether I should change things, keep things, add things, etc.

    Thanks for reading, and have fun! :3

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    from the screenshots, i have determined this map has torches and not much else
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    Ok, first, PLEASE READ THIS
    1. Your screenshots do not tell me anything about this map, try bird's eye view of the whole map so we can see a layout here.
    2. Very dark, add ambient light that is not colored. Colored lighting sucks in the wrong moments. Here's why.
    3. If this is your first map, use dev textures so it's easier to detail AT THE END.
    4. Label the map as "Koth_Kitten_catacombs_a1" (alpha) makes it easier to tell what version people will play.
    (and I'm just saying but the name is bad and long to type out)
    5. Take screen shots in the highest resolution and detail you can, it's just a screenshot so lag shouldn't matter.
    6. Please change the texture for everything, it looks super hard to tell what side someone would be on.
    Please take these into consideration for your next release.
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    omg!Sorry to be mean but this is so bad!literally! you have big walkways that take to long. one room .i would trash this right know! you need more walkways small shorter more rooms
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    If you want to have a feeling of darkness while keeping players visible, try using wide-angle spot lights so that the ground can be illuminated sufficiently, while the ceiling remains gloomy.
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    Yeah, cause your first map was valve-quality.

    I wish you luck for the future, here are some tips I use.

    Think of your favourite maps of that gamemode, and mix and match what you think the best features are.
    For example:
    I love harvest's rocket jumping gameplay, but I love viaducts layout.
    SO I made a heavily inspired viaduct map with rocket jumping mechanics.

    I'll get around to playing your map soon and give individual advice.

    Also a little quick tip which'll save you a lot of trouble, make your map and outdoor map, it'll help out with your lighting a lot easier as you can use an entity called; "light environment" and that'll fully brighten your map.
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