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CP Kittecoc a3

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Jul 26, 2015
- Adjusted cap rate and time rewards for all 3 points (forgot to do this initially, whoops)
- Added some more props and micro-cover to first point area
- Adjusted health and ammo around first point
- Added a few hand rails
- More signage

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Jul 26, 2015
- Changes to A:
- Changed ground to displacements to play around with height differences
- Improved clipping around tunnel entrances and chain fences​
- Changes to room preceding B:
- Brightened lighting
- Switched around sizes of health at upper level (medium pack now on blu side)
- Added small health pack to lower level
- Added small cover in front of doorway​
- Changes to B:
- Reduced metal pack to small
- Increased red respawn time after A is captured​

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