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    King of the Hill; Clutter - Fight under a floating city. (Look, im not that bright)

    So; after relooking at my previous map (koth_Area49) I realized that it wasn't any where near upload-worthy quality. Nor did I like the map itself too much. So, I've taken the liberty to create an entirely new map, with a different mindset.

    And... and this is it. Not much else to say.

    This is version 0.9 only because 1; A nice-looking Skybox, 2; The spawn rooms look like shite, and 3; The map file is waaay too big. (Final will fix this, but probably wont come for a little while, as real-life stuff is happening)

    I highly recommend playing this with 1 other person, in a 1v1 style, as ive found it best for that.

    Other than that; here ya go!

    Custom Models used in this map;
    MaccyF's Round haybale (
    MaccyF's Corner Resupply Locker (
    killohurtz's Red Cart Bomb Separate (
    So thanks to those guys, and YOU for looking at my map!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.