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Corner Resupply Locker v3

its a resupply locker. for a corner.

  1. MaccyF
    its a resupply locker. for a corner.

Recent Updates

  1. re-uploaded
  2. smoothing fixes and a sharper corner
  3. Fixed Animations

Recent Reviews

  1. catbot
    Version: v1
    Great concept of saving space for small spawn rooms.

    I like cornered lockers more since my OCD is triggering me everytime i see a default one.

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Wkay
    Version: v1
    I like the idea of this, it saves space too.
    I'm just waiting for you to make a L-Shaped resupply locker now.
  3. ArskaWarrior
    Version: v1
    Awesome idea. very useful if it is made too small spawnroom.