Is (Are) there a (many) space-themed version(s) of Dustbowl?

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Jan 7, 2015
Specifically, if I made my own version of this concept, would it be ok to upload it here or is there already too many for it to be worth working on and requesting feedback for?

To clarify, it isn't just a decompiled version of the official map with space textures but a map undoubtedly based on the original with the occasional large alteration and a different theme.


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Jun 26, 2015
Not really, It's kinda hard to make a space themed version of dustbowl in the first place. Like, what's it even going to be? It can't be a bunch of metal shacks in space because then that's just a shitty retexture with some prop changes.

I can't see it really going anywhere with a space theme, and there aren't any space themed maps probably because while the asset packs are available (Most of them at least), it's just not really worth it, I guess.
Oct 6, 2008
I do space themed maps :)

There are a lot of props, but a lot of those props have major issues with them i.e. no physics/not solid, some only have the outer face on them i.e. What a great looking building, I'll just place it here, go through the door, and wait a sec, there's no interior walls, I can see everything on the outside = have to try and make brushes on the inside of a model.

So go ahead make one, but be prepared for a challenge < you'll learn more anyways :)