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CP iridium_a1v2

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by TheRaymond, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. TheRaymond

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    Hello all,

    This is my first map attempt and first map release. I had made multiple versions and this one is the best of the few I have pondered over. My mentors are: (-TN-) Gonfin, (-TN-) Ben2 [koth_vesuvius_b2] and Wolfiejo [koth_nightclub_b6...the 160 mb download one]. Those three have helped me quite a bit. The lighting is a bit shoddy since it was my first time. Water seems a bit off since I put in a few sharp angles.

    This map was designed for casual gaming, such as ctf_2fort, completely useless except for random enjoyability.

    Its a box, One large middle building, which speeds up spawn times for both sides. It seems more like a 5 point deathmatch than anything.
    Spawns are efficiently protected, sufficient ammo and health within the map.
    Map is a large square, points 1/5 provide 10 second respawn time, middle point is 8 seconds, applied to both teams. Defenses set up to allow everyone but sniper to have an easy time shooting each other. Snipers however have an easier time headshotting people.
    Snipers cannot reach across the map, they must move. One side of spawn is protected from across map snipers. There are 5 ways out of spawn, two main doors, two top accesses next to spawn capture, and back jumper.
    Map has been alpha tested with 4 people, but requires further testing.

    To do changes:
    Fix lighting, fix water angles (white things in image 1), make the map more appealing and relative to scenery rather than man made objects
    Interesting exploit: under the point is a small glassed structure, if you attach stickies to the underside of the point, the explosion will go through. (not really an exploit more like another method of defending)

    Note: since I have decided to course overload this semester, patches to this will take a while. Also, I do enjoy comments, but I might not see them for a while.

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  2. Bereth

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    Probably going to sound a bit critical when I say this, but here goes:
    The layout of this map isn't great.
    It too me a long time to realize that the middle point was on the roof (I assumed it was on ground level).
    A lot of the stairwells would be terrible to navigate, because they are so narrow. Demomen, pyros, and soldier would have complete dominance over the game's pacing.
    The moats look cool, but they're too deep, and water doesn't work super well for TF2 maps.
    The map is sniper heaven outdoors. There is some cover, but it is probably best suited for use by snipers, not from them. All the areas are so open that a good sniper could just move a little and kill anyone on more than half of the map.
    The health pack placement seems to be done with a bit of OCD. While it looks good, four tiny amo packs only a little ways apart makes little sense.
    The weird upward area out of spawn is kinda unnecessary, but if you like it: I think people need to have it pointed out better.
    The main building has a lot of areas without a purpose. It's similar to the second/fourth point of well.
    The points cap very slowly, and all but the middle are very vulnerable.
    The HUD indicates that the map wouldn't be perfect line. You should almost have two last points.
    The map is huge, with no forward spawns, likely will stalemate even with a large round timer.
    There is health and amo everywhere. Seems like it's pure DM.
    I don't know what they are, but the ladders all over the little houses look a bit out of place.
    Snow doesn't fit super well with the castle theme, but we'll see.
    On the plus side things are well-lit and well clipped.
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