Arable a4

A koth map.

  1. Bereth
    -Lower the height of point. The highest route is now higher than the point.
    -Added a new set of stairs between the highest and lowest routes.
    -Moved around the ramps up to point.
    -Added nobuild to the corner roofs.
    -Tweaked some displacements in the yard.

    -Move the spawns around and added a new building.
    -Lowered some of the heights around the point.
    -Enclosed the lower balcony.
    -Rotated the spire, including the fences.
    -Added shutters to the large lower doors.

    -Shrank point.
    -Shrank spire a bit to compensate.
    -Enclosed the side route.
    -Moved spawn around.
    -Various other small changes.

    Initial release.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: a3
    This is a neat looking koth map that I anticipate will become even better as updates roll out. Things I noticed were shutter doors on the side as entrances to the point. I'd say this is a bad idea since engies can exploit aggressive sentries by spamming open and close shutter doors to rep their damaged buildings. I also noticed that the roofs at the corner of mid were buildable, though sentries on these positions don't cover much besides the point. If it was not intentional, there you go.