Introducing Flint ... eehh, copyboy!

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    Hey everyone, this is me,

    I've been playing Team Fortress 2 for a while now. Not as long as most of you, but at least 6 months. And yes, I'm deeply in love with it. No, not just the game itself, everything that surrounds it. The little fanmade stories, comics, pictures, ... all the creativity! And I think I should give something back, I don't quite know how ... I'm trying to get into mapping :)
    But mostly because I have too much free time.

    copyboy. That's my name. I'm some kind of programmer, game developer you could say. Worked with Game Maker for a few years, not really producing anything fancy. Now playing around with C# and OpenGL, not doing very well. Yet.
    I have a blog/website. Besides the looks also nothing fancy.

    I'm a big Minecraft fan. I like being creative and I'm a social disaster. Nice to meet you, let's have some great time together.

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    Welcome, hope you enjoy mapping
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    Welcome to the forums and community!
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    If you a more accessible stepping stone to 3D game development, you might want to take a look at Unity 3D, an game development IDE and engine that does a whole lot of really nice things for you. Most scripting and programming is done with a Javascript-like language (not unlike the Game Maker language). It would certainly be easier to use than trying to set yourself up with low-level OpenGL programming.