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    Kay, so, This is my first released 'normal' TF2 map. It's a 3cp map suited for 6 - 16 people-ish. The map's theme is a missile outpost in the mountains. Think offblast/viaduct.
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    that final shot, right outside of Reds area toward the missle silo, it looks very open, even with the height difference. You may want to think about adding some cover to the rest of the map. I'll give it a run through here soon (currently waiting for a map to compile) and see what else I can do.

    Okay We talked about a lot over pm, but here is most of it again, abridged.

    Your side caves, you were saying that they were chokey in testing with bots, and I would agree that the same thing would happen in a real player test, so I'd suggest working on a way to fix that. Its also a little dark back there, either do something with dim light ent's or 1 or 2 normal brightness light ent's with the color of the ambient light (so, the env_sun color).

    You had an issue with your cubemaps or reflections or something, but every reflective surface is brighter than the white hot intensity of 1,000 suns. Not sure whats wrong there.

    You have a lot of deathpits which make pyros/sentries/FaN scouts/anythign with knockback powerful. I would properly label them, and actually, know that I think about it. Make it so that its not one really long stretch of death pit, add some places where you can't fall in. I personally would put up a spytech fence (like the one you have already) all around the missle bay. (Toss some light ent's behind that too, it was a little dark)

    You need to mark the capture zones with the hazard strip overlay
    And you need to mark where the ammo/hp is with the "patch" overlays. Here's the VDC's page on overlay's

    Also, your spawn doors open to everyone. The noentry blocks work, but you need to use a filter to make sure that ONLY red or ONLY blu can open their respective doors. If you don't have these, then people can easily, EASILY camp.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but these are all things I think you should consider doing/modifying before you post this for a gameday test.
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    Really open, needs stuff!
    And the point will be an airblast spam thingy!