Idle/Trade/Gamble map. [Read, is more then it sounds like]

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Boelens, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Original post :

    This project has NOT started yet. I am currently searching a team to help.

    Hello! I have got a great idea for a server but it would require a custom map. I have no experience in mapping AT ALL. So I request help! I can do all the rest. Design,texture etc.(Well make the texture, I'd have no idea how to place them.)

    Heres the main idea.

    First of all, with will have team restriction. You wil only be able to join blue (to prevent deathmatching.) and red gets locked up in a room so it forces you to join blu. The map will basicly be a casino. You start at a general spawn point with credits behind you, and a nice posted about server rules and other info. You will have different areas. An area for:
    - and other fun gamble games I'll design myself!

    Well, I cant really pay you money for mapping. I can only give you this:
    - Developer rank on my community
    - 5 Cookies
    - You get in the credits of the map.

    I will draw a design very soon, however I need a mapper ready to see if its worth actually making a design.

    I think I forgot to post something big.. meh I'll get to it.

    Current helpers:
    - Boelens

    Also, of course suggestions for areas in the map are ALWAYS welcome. If it is a big suggestion, you'll be in the credits. Just post here or PM me! (I prefer post)

    Quick design #1 (No realistic proportions, just giving an idea of how some things would look. please note that I was out of paper space and the map will use more distance between everything. If your a mapper and add me on steam I can FULL explanation of what I need. )

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    I've never once seen a yes response to a "Make a map for me plz" thread. Take that as you will.

    Also, wrong place.

    Also, your handwriting is cute.
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    Learn Hammer. It's not that hard.
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    Sorry, wrong forum.
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