I had this idea for a TF2 spinoff game series

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    Basically, it would take place a year or two prior to TF2. All the games would take place during a small-scale alien invasion. Don't know if all the classes would get their own game, as some game play (medic, maybe sniper, for example) would become more linear than others.

    The first game, and the one that got me thinking about this, would be an Engineer game. He would still be living in Texas when the invasion happens. And, as to fight the invasion, he would do what an Engineer does: solve practical problems. You would use different variations of the gadgets from TF2 (backpack dispensers, walking sentries, two-way teleporters, ect), along with his more iconic shotguns and pistols and such.

    Some other ideas I had were:
    • Heavy goes to College
    • The Little Demoman That Could
    • Scout: the Boston Basher
    • Spy: International Extraordinary Man of Extraordinary Mystery
    I also had an idea for the Pyro, where he would simply be one of the alien invaders, possibly as a boss/final boss for one of the games.

    This probably sounds pretty far-fetched, but thoughts?
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    could be cool single player mods to do. thing is we'd probably need some of the tf2 codebase to do any of this right (there's only so much you can do with maps alone)
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