I AM NEW! And I have an idea for a map

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    Hi everyone! I just registered but, I have been a fan of this site for some time. I have an idea for a map and want to learn how to make it become a reality. There is so much to learn. I realize that there is only a very small chance that my map idea becomes a reality, but I decided to give it a go.

    Thanks for running a great site.

    Oh, and can anyone tell me how to use aboojum shark's ultimate mapping resource pack? I downloaded and installed it but can't seem to figure out how to use the prefabs. Thanks.
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    To use the prefabs just click the entity tool, then on the right you should see an "entity" drop down menu(s). iirc, the top menu will have the prefabs, just select the overall one you want (ABS - Doors for example)... then the menu below it will have the specif prefab you want, so choose which one you want there, then click on the map where you want it!

    Also, welcome to the community.
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