How to teleport an entire team

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That's the plan

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Jul 8, 2018
If I wanted to make a command to teleport the entire red team or blue team to a specific spot, how would I do that?


Takes way to long to make and update maps
Jun 11, 2015
Create a trigger_teleport that covers the entire playable space, and give it a filter for either team. Next, create a target entity (such as info_target or info_teleport_destination) at the spot where you want to teleport each team, and set it as the trigger_teleport's "Remote Destination" keyvalue. Have the trigger start disabled, then enable it when you want to teleport the players and disable it shortly after
Oct 6, 2008
1. You would have to make one trigger brush for the area where the teleport is to occur and have it start disabled
2. You will need to apply team filter red/blue specific < if you want specific
3. You will need a trigger to activate it
4. You will need a destination to sent them to