How to make a good control point

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    Looking for information on making control point areas that don't suck.
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    I think there are many things to note about a/d points, and I think people should learn about the true purpose of control points and what they mean for gameplay. Looking at good a/d maps such as steel and gravelpit you can find similar elements

    In my opinion, good control points have:
    • Focus and leads the player's eyes to them, via lighting/signs/landmarks
    • Gives players both benefits and disadvantages. Generally this is height advantage and some cover, but disadvantage is its flankable and a little vulnerable to defender's positioning
    • Center of area, serves as a "lookout" for most of the area around it, but not whole area
    • Last points are generally very vulnerable, however uses TONS of elements of focus and eyecandy
    • Doesn't have to be, but defenders should also want to stand on it to defend
    • Healthkits/ammo are nearby/behind doorways leading into control point areas
    Stay away from doing:
    • Points in corners, or too far away from player's path through an area
    • Points that feel too similar to surrounding area, i.e. are on the same level as the whole combat area
    • Points in small rooms/areas, this makes it feel like you aren't really controlling anything significant
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