How can i extract Models from hammer and put them in a 3d program like blender?

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Sep 2, 2017
Does anyone know if and how I can extract models from hammer and import them into blender?

For example, Extracting two models (Specifically cart_base_seperate and barrel01.) and combining them in Blender like how I have it looking in hammer right now.

To create some kind of toxin-payload or something. for a cliche "Someones poisoned the water-hole" payload map


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Dec 21, 2010
Hammer loads the models from the tf2 .vpk's, which can be opened and extracted with GCFScape.

The vpk's are located in the tf folder. tf_misc_dir.vpk holds models and materials while tf_textures_dir.vpk holds textures. Note that all models will have their materials and textures stored under \materials\models.

I believe there are tools for blender that can import the extracted .mdl files. I personally use 3ds max for the task; there is a plugin for 3ds called "wall worm" that can do exactly what you want to do quite easily. I used it myself when i made a custom mvm upgrade station
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Jul 28, 2017
crowbar is really easy to use. It has simple compile/decompile functions. Decompiled models will output as .smd files. If you wanted to edit and re-export said meshes via blender, you will also need blender source tools. Just make sure to edit the qc file before compiling yourself a new model. This generally should involve just changing the modelname property

-edit: And renaming the exported mesh and combining material paths, etc.
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