Hi. I am making a competitive tf2 map. What do you guys like in 5cp Map?

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_Script ☭

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Jun 2, 2017
Hey guys, i am planning to make a Competitive TF2 5cp map and i was wondering about what the community likes. So my questions for you are: What are your favorite parts/areas of maps you enjoy (and think may be suitable for competitive playing) and why

What are you least favorite parts/areas of maps that are otherwise good

What do you wish more maps would have/wouldn't have

Other ideas you would like to see in a competitive map

If you guys are somewhat interested in this, i may also make some blogs/videos about the development of the map and host a server to playtest it.

Thanks for reading so far, i hope to hear from you guys :)


Aug 14, 2009
Competitive mapping requires the input of competitive players more so than mappers.

Mappers love making maps look amazing, things that tell stories about this little section of the TF2 universe, interesting but not necessarily fine tuned play areas, fun gimmicks like death pits and jump pads, making sure every class has something to do.

Comp players don't really care about any of that, and would be perfectly happy in a dev textured series of rooms, as long as the areas let them focus on their own skill, maximize teamwork/coordination for pushes and holds, and optimize their ability to navigate the map swiftly and efficiently. Classes like spy and pyro are generally only used under very specific and/or rare situations, so spending a lot of time balancing for unused classes is a bit of a waste.

The opinions of either group on what makes a map good will be very different.

Your job as a comp mapper would be to try and blend both worlds together, and that won't be easy. But it absolutely requires comp feedback to succeed or you're dead in the water.