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    Hey guys :D

    So my name is iamRoot and I've been playing competitive TF2 on an off since beta. I used to make maps in other non-Valve games and it was always something I enjoyed doing. I played with the hammer editor a while back but it was really intimidating and it discouraged me from progressing with it. BUT, my classes are just ending for the year and I promised myself that I would finally learn how to make maps for TF2 this summer.

    I was wondering if maybe an experienced mapper would be willing to take me under his wing and show me the ropes. I know the competitive community has mentoring programs, so I guess I was wondering if there was something like that in the mapping community.


    The best way to contact me would be on Steam but I'll check back on this thread too. I have very little experience with hammer, but I have used Maya a little bit so I'm already comfortable enough with the concept of building in 3D. So I guess if someone is willing to help me out with all this stuff, it would be pretty cool :thumbup:
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    Hey there!

    I don't think that any single mapper will take you under their wing, but ALL of them are willing to help you (which is better than in my opinion), although we don't often talk about mapping in the steam group chat, but you can pop in there if you want to ask a quick question, or post here (or just talk about random things with us).

    So, Welcome!
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    Umm Frozen Nice accidental double post.

    And Welcome Iamroot :)

    It's safer here