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    Heyho, my name is Sven, im from Germany and hope my english is good enough to use this board like i used my old board, which is down now :(
    i startet mapping a few years ago, work some month for the Evilmod and did some projects for this, sadly this never got released.
    i had a long time nothing to do with the hammer because my steam account got hacked, but now where tf2 is free to play i decide to start gaming it again, and my desire for mapping got waked again and i search my old stuff, but just found one idea for a payload map.
    i still need some train to get in old form, but i feels good to create levels again and i hope that i can implement what i want, but i will need some help for the I/O system.

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    Welcome Sven!

    Your english is fine, its understandable and not broken.
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