Help with SFM models

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(*single chuckle*)
Apr 10, 2014
I recently made an update on my SFMBeta content pack, and I've fixed and removed many broken files to improve quality and functionality for the pack. However, the bulk of the fixing went to the textures, while the the bulk of the removing went to the models.

The models are my main problem now. They have no collision, can only be used as prop_dynamics, are extremely unoptimized for TF2 gameplay and mapping, and have some broken textures. Now, all of these are understandable, as they were originally intended for a more powerful and functional program than TF2, and they've been in a .zip file for nearly 4 years.

Still, however, I need to fix most of these models so they do not break or crash the game when used or downloaded. That's where you come in. I need someone, or a group of someones, to fix the models and make them better then they've ever been before, or at the very least functional.

I'll need you to do whatever you can, whether it be adding a collision model, porting it to work as a prop_static, or recreating it from scratch, I just need some assistance with this.

I may not be able to pay you, but If I can, I'll only be able to do so in TF2 items. Please go here to examine my backpack.