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    I might as well do this because I'm interested in the community project that I hope is still going on.

    But here's some basic background information:
    Currently I'm 22 and in my fifth year of a 5 year bachelors degree in architecture. I've Been mapping since Deathmatch Classic (2003ish) and published 6 or so maps for that game. Mapping is a hobby to me, not an obsession, I churn out maps because I enjoy doing it (sometimes). I rarely publish any of my maps because the ideas are sometimes too radical and/or the trigger functions just can't run the gameplay I want it to run. Don't get me wrong, all of my maps have an objective, a strategic layout, and all the jibberish. The maps I do publish are mainly for my good friend, who supplies the server while I supply the maps. Since tf2 came out I've been the mapper for the pwnshop producing maps for the different mods we run sometimes. I've gotten lazy in the past few months due to a lack of new games to mod for, not that tf2 is bad, I just need something new for a change.

    Tf2 maps:
    Happyfarm, Happytown, Happyfactory, Happyville, Flagrun, Murderball (a working version) and other pwnshop mod maps. I actually created my own childrens block theme (IE: ABC Blocks) that fit suprisingly well into tf2 gameplay. They are suprisingly amusing and at the same time they bring a variety of colors to tf2.

    Just a few of the games I've created maps for: dmc, natural selection, counterstrike, hl2, hl2dm, jailbreak, sourceforts, hl2ep2 single player levels, tf2, diprip and I may be forgetting a few...Other non-valve games: starcraft and warcraft 3

    Other Skills:
    For the past year or two I've gotten into creating my own textures and models. Not so much models though because I suck at uv mapping and applying textures to the model faces. That doesn't mean I don't know how to create the geometry though ;).

    Here are just a few of the maps, if you want to see any, just let me know. I may not have records of some as computer wipes and what not.

    Bombball was fun...I extracted the bomb and turned it into a physics object. It's basically volleyball with a bomb lol and yes it explodes when it hits the ground.

    Dmc level called deathbowl

    Pwnshop mod map using egypt and spytech textures

    A school project, and yes that is the lighthouse from hl2 :p

    Flagrun flag room

    Happyfarm(First tf2 map)

    Blocktheme map for pwnshop mod

    Jailbreak map
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    Wow, it's not often we see people come in here and introduce themselves with an entire resume's worth of information ;)

    All of your work looks really good, I'm really looking forwards to seeing more of your work, your happyfarm map looked interesting. The Happy style isn't a very used style ;)

    Make sure to drop into the steam chat room sometime, I'd love to see more of your stuff!
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    Welcome to TF2Maps.net.
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    Quite a lot info you got there. :)
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    Welcome! A very nice little resume you got there. :)
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    Welcome to the fray! :D
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    Haha MrBull3t you're here too....I need to stop following you lol. Ya know actually I registered 3/21/2008 and I just never posted anthing lol.

    I added a view pictures for my albums, but do to space limitations I could not upload all lol.
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    Welcome! Y'now, I don't think I made a Welcome page :O