KotH Harsh a4

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Dec 17, 2017
Harsh - An industrial place

I was inspired by the metalworks map, now it's very simple, but I plan to add a lot of things.


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Sep 24, 2017
From what the screenshots show so far, this map is actually pretty decent: the detailing is well done; the layout looks reasonable; the lighting feels great. That being said, I do still have some feedback to give using those pics. I'll be mostly talking about mid, mostly because the courtyards look good to me.

Middle Section
  • I can see two routes into the mid section. I recommend adding a third route as a flank behind the enemy.
  • The capture point is accessible by two staircases on each side. Personally, I'd thicken the right stairs and add another route between them to prevent the point from being too hard to push.
  • There's little to no protection from snipers on this mid. Adding some barriers on the edge of the platform could block some nasty sightlines if done correctly.
  • Change the pickups on mid from [1 small health] + [1 medium health and 1 small ammo] to 2 sets of [1 small health and 1 small ammo] (this is part consistency between pack spots and part balancing, since 1 med. h. + 1 sml. h. = 70% health back and 2 sml. h. = 40%)
Keep in mind, these are just what I personally feel you should change: whether you change them is all up to you.


Feb 15, 2016
dangerous sight line:

also this:

and this: